Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Medford

When you or your loved ones are hurt or sick, you trust Physicians and health care practitioners to help you get well. This elite group of professionals has taken an oath to “do no harm”, and have strict guidelines they are to follow in order to keep the rest of us protected when we are our most vulnerable. However, each year medical errors are made and an estimated 200,000 Americans are injured or die as a result. You visit a health care facility or practitioner because you are sick are hurt, and when their mistake results in further injury or even death, the impact on you and your family can be devastating. Working with Shlesinger & deVilleneuve means enlisting the guidance of an elite team of attorneys and support staff who are dedicated to making sure the party responsible for your injury or loss is held responsible!

A personal injury case alleging medical malpractice is one of the most intricate and challenging cases to prove. These cases hinge on an attorney’s ability to comprehend and explain the complicated sequence of events and applicable medical issues. Additionally, huge files of medical records and expert testimony must be understood and presented. Typically, a medical malpractice suit will fall under one of two types; either the injury or damage was the result of a negligent or obviously wrong medical procedure or treatment, for instance amputating the wrong limb. Or, when a physician or health care practitioner does not follow standard of care and misses a diagnosis or treatment, and the result is injury or damage.

Some examples of medical malpractice error include;

  • Medical error
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper care/delayed care
  • Medication error/improper drug, dosage, or administration of medication
  • Anesthesia error
  • Surgical error
  • Birth injuries
  • Negligence in long-term health care facilities/nursing homes
  • Lack of informed consent

The legal team of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, has advocated for the rights of injured Oregon residents since 1971, and has successfully obtained compensation in over 95% of the personal injury cases we have represented. While the insurance companies who represent the physicians and medical facilities are powerful and have unlimited resources, Shlesinger & deVilleneuve is not deterred and will fight back aggressively on your behalf. You need a highly-experienced law firm with the skill and the resources to gather the evidence that supports your medical malpractice case. The attorneys at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve are passionate and dedicated to standing up for the sick and injured against expansive insurance firms and will fight with your best interest in mind. Contact our office and schedule your consultation – free of charge! Suffering the impact of a personal injury is enough to worry about – we will never charge you a fee unless we obtain monetary recovery on your behalf.