Defective & Dangerous Products

We are truly a consumer-driven culture, and – as consumers – we expect that we can trust the manufacturers of the products that we purchase. We rely on these products to be safe for us and our family to use. When you stop to think about the number of products we use every day, from toothbrushes to toasters to tires – every family purchases an incredible number of products every year. When a product malfunctions and an injury or death occurs – Product Liability law comes into play. Why? Because the manufacturers of these products are obligated to adequately test their products before making them available for sale. Sadly, companies do not always fulfill their obligation to the public and instead make a product available for sale that causes serious injury – or death. Though it is difficult to believe, some companies prioritize making a profit over public well-being and boldly market a product known to be harmful. Product liability cases fall under three main “types”:

  • Includes Products That Were Manufactured Defectively: Due to a manufacturing error, these products have flaws; when all other products look and operate the same, but one product does not and causes injury.
  • Includes Products That Are Designed Defectively: The design of this product is flawed; this is not an instance of a single product not working properly but, instead an entire lot of products. This situation may also be known as an industry recall.
  • Not Providing Appropriate Product Instructions and/or Warning: The intended proper use of the product is not clear in the instructions or warning, the result is death or serious injury.

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